Parassini Madappura is administered by the Parassini Madappura Family. The Madayan, the senior most male member of the family is in charge of all administrative and managerial activities of the Parassini Madappura. The one who honors the post of Madyan is always the elder member in the ancestral home of a Thiyya community . All family members help him in managing the Madappura. All rituals and poojas for Sree Muthappan are done by the Madayan. He is in charge of the Madappura till he is alive. The successors of Kundathil tharavadu are nowdys managing the role of Muttapan’s image at Parassini Madappura.

Other members of the family are designated with various positions on the based of their age and educational qualifications. They take the responsibility as a blessing from god and devote their whole life for the Muthappan and his devotes.

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